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Building a Wall with u-nu

Dexterity, spatial awareness and balance in KS1

Children will develop handling skills, cooperation skills and will be dealing with issues of stability.

In this activity you may observe children assembling panels of u-nu as they play, combining large shapes such as squares or circles using the rectangles to join them together. Ask them if they can repeat the exercise and join the resulting structures together. Before long they will have assembled a panel incorporating numerous pieces. Ask the children to see if they can combine the pieces so that they stand up on their own. Some children will plan to join the panels together using angles to provide stability or by giving the panels stabilising ‘feet’. Both methods work, but some children may need a little help to arrive at this solution, that’s okay, they will still be dealing with the challenges of dexterity and balance; keeping the panels together as they join to make larger and larger walls.

Once children have got the idea this is a fantastic activity building ever-larger enclosures. The combination of the colours provides a very satisfying aesthetic. Encourage the children to select which colours and shapes to use; redesigning and modifying the resulting pattern to suit their desired aims and intentions.

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