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Counting on Counting with u-nu


Basic counting and spatial awareness in the EYFS KS1 & KS2

Children use basic counting and organisational skills.

Every activity that employs more than one object can be an opportunity to count, but basic counting can be extended to include the development of organisational skills. So here are some ideas of how to expand what at first may seem to be a rather pedestrian task.

For younger children in the EYFS let’s just get going with some counting of pieces, count the sides, count the colours etc. Okay but what if we extend it to counting the slots, and what if those slots are in a complex structure? What if we ask children in year six to build a complex structure and then ask them how many slots in the yellow pieces remain unfilled? What if we asked the same question but ignored the colour and wanted to know how many slots in the Y-shaped pieces remain unfilled? Obviously the older the children the more complex the counting exercise can be.
I’m sure you can see how the organisational skills are well and truly at play in this exercise. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself, it’s very easy to lose count when you’re dealing with a complex structure with 280 pieces in it. I certainly find it difficult.