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Create a shape with u-nu

Counting and shape recognition for the EYFS & KS1

Children will discover regular polygons, exploring counting, angles, shape recognition & maths vocabulary.

When designing u-nu we only used three different angles between the slots on any of the pieces.

90° as used on the square, rectangle, circle, curve and one of the angles on the Y-shape
135° as used on two of the angles on the Y-shape.
150° as used on the angle shape

Ask the child/children to combine a number of the same shape using a 180° angle to join them together; or a straight piece if you prefer (the rectangle for example).

When built they will discover a quadrilateral, an octagon & a dodecagon; a four, eight & twelve sided shape. You will need to take care when they’re building the octagon as there are two angles on the Y-shape.

This task can be extended for the real u-nu gurus. Try linking just the 150° angle shapes together. By doing it regularly you ought to achieve a polygon using eighteen pieces. By alternating the shape to be interior angle up – interior angle down, something else will be created. Find out what happens when you just use the 135° from the Y-shapes.