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This activity is great for either KS1 or KS2.

Children will explore collaborative creative construction, weight distribution, measuring & subtraction.

Split the class into groups and give them an equal number of pieces making sure they all have the same number of each shape. Give them 20 minutes to build a structure that sits firmly on the desk or floor but has one long arm protruding as far as they can get it from the base, at the end of the activity the arm must not be supported by any other object.

The children are then asked to measure the distance from the base to the tip of the farthest piece in the air. Naturally the children will counter weight the structure and because this could result in two arms of equal length, they will need to subtract the distance of any other part of the structure that protrudes from the base as shown in the photograph below. There can be a winner for distance, design and perhaps even most ambitious!

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