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Taking turns with u-nu

Cooperation communication & planning for the EYFS KS1 & KS2

Children will negotiate with each other and develop empathy for the needs and desires of others.

This exercise can be done in a number of ways; the first is to give a number of children a set amount of shapes. They each take their turn to add one of their shapes to the developing structure, it’s sometimes easier to get the ball rolling with a small structure of three or four shapes for them to build on.

The children will learn to take turns. They are likely to offer suggestions as to where the next child should put the next shape. Encourage them to both listen to the advice being offered, and also to allow each person to decide for themselves where the next piece should go, both are valid team activities.

Another variation on this is to get each child to select a stack of one or two shapes. Where they have elected to use just one shape they can either take their turn as before, or the children can negotiate with each other which person should go next. The negotiating can be interesting as each child can have an input on whose shape they feel will suit the developing structure best.