What is u-nu
and how is it used?

We have worked with Early Years Teachers, Consultants and Nursery Schools to develop
a learning resource that kids love and support’s creative learning.

david veron

u-nu early years sets are the perfect open-ended resource for developing creativity and higher-order thinking through child-led learning in the class room.

u-nu home sets are affordable creative construction for all ages. Enjoy!

David Veron

u-nu Inventor and Managing Director

Designed for EYFS, KS1 and KS2

u-nu was developed with extensive feedback from EYFS, KS1 and KS2  educational professionals.

Fun and engaging learning resource

Children of all abilities can start using u-nu straight away preventing any barriers to learning.

Endless applications

7 mathematically designed, interlocking pieces allow almost infinite design combinations.

Supported with Teaching Resources

We share new and exciting ways to use u-nu in the classroom, make sure you are subscribed.

Tough, durable and easy to clean

u-nu in schools and nurseries still looks like new after years of use and abuse by small hands.


u-nu is made from eco-friendly materials supporting the trend to move away from plastic.

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